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Erin Thorburn

I love to write. I know, a lot of people say that, but can a lot of people say they pitched noted children's book author James Marshall a title for his "George and Martha" series—when they were eight-years-old? I can say it because I did, and although he politely declined, his return letter was one of many fortuitous happenings that would inspire me to continue my love of writing.


Since then, I've still been pitching, publishing and attending writing workshops. In 2008 I earned a B.A. in English.  Over the last decade-plus, I have continued to enjoy a full, diverse and exciting writing career. 


As you will no doubt discover upon perusing my portfolio, my work encompasses a variety of genres, from feature writing to copywriting, and everything in between. In 2015 I published my first fully-illustrated children's book, "Stick to it Chick." When I'm not wordsmithing, I'm most likely inspiring young minds to develop a love for writing.


When I'm not crafting stories or presenting them, you'll find me imbibing mass quantities of coffee; geeking out to "Star Wars," LOTR, Harry Potter, GOT and other fantasy and sci-fi greats; attempting to master a yoga pose; and/or enjoying the company of my three daughters, love of my life, three birds, two dogs, a bunny (and the hope of a sloth someday).











Who is Erin Davis?

Some of my clips will have the byline "Erin Davis." Don't worry it's me, and I promise I don't have a split personality. Thorburn was my mother's maiden name and one I've always loved, so now I share it. 
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